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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> get out of this car! move back! >> reporter: screaming passengers urged others to jump and run to safety. thick, black smoke billowed into the sky as flames destroyed two of the trains' cars. a big rig smacked into the amtrak train on u.s. 95, a rural nevada highway about 70 miles east of reno. authorities say the truck driver and an amtrak employee were killed. amtrak says 204 passengers and 14 crewmembers were on the california zephyr from chicago to emeryville. 140 people suffered minor injuries, 40 went to the hospital with those nonlife- threatening injuries. ntsb investigators are on the way to the scene to examine the empty shell of train and truck and try to piece together what caused the crash. one witness says the semi hit the fourth car on the train and
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two cars caught fire. now, anyone with questions about family or friends on that train can call amtrak at the number at the bottom of the screen. (800)523-9101. and amtrak says that those who are well enough to travel are going to be bused to sacramento from the reno area from sacramento, they are going to get on board a capitol corridor train that will make its way to emeryville, probably very late tonight. elizabeth? >> sharon chin in emeryville, thank you. tonight, an artist well known for his murals that hang in a number of san francisco schools is also a child porn suspect. now police think some of the offensive images that got him into trouble may have helped inspire some of his work. linda yee is in san francisco to show us what police found in those murals. linda. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, the mural you see behind me is one of the murals that police say had sexually explicit tiles embedded.
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those tiles have since been removed. and cbs 5 did interview this suspect artist just before his arrest. >> what i love about these murals is that you have all these kind of buried jewels. >> reporter: san francisco police say what they found buried in some of these murals was not for family viewing. >> i think as an adult would you look at these tiles and see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them. >> reporter: mural artist an honey norris was arrested by the fbi earlier this month accused of possessing child pornography. as the founder and director of kids serve, anthony works with schoolchildren to create outdoor murals. recently cbs 5 profiled him in a story about his community service. but after his arrest, a school district team took a closer look at murals norris created at 20 san francisco schools. they found what they called offensive at four schools. >> the negative of a photograph
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that is inlaid behind the clear tile itself. they are -- they depict many different things, maybe some are offensive, some may not see it as not offensive. some tiles are drawings. >> reporter: some of the tiles have been taken down and turned over to the fbi. how many children were exposed before their discovery is not known. police hope no one saw them. >> these tiles were very small. you would have to get close to these tiles to be able to see the inappropriate images. some of the tiles are at such a height that you would never be able to see them without a apparatus. >> reporter: but children did work on the murals with norris. >> they were obviously done at school sites. but we didn't have any evidence that children were harmed in the development of these murals. >> reporter: police revealed offensive tiles were also removed at bahia elementary school in san rafael, old mill elementary school in mill valley, and global family school in oakland. well, the city and the school
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district have already suspended any art funding to kids serve which is part of the suspect artist's organization. but elizabeth, what they plan to do with these murals now that this investigation is ongoing is still under discussion. >> yeah. certainly tainted now. thank you, linda. a new chapter in that airline saggy pants story. the naacp is now accusing u.s. airways of racial profiling. anne makovec with more on the group's claims. >> a lot of people saying we are playing the race card. >> reporter: waving a newspaper article about a cross dresser, they are talking about racism by u.s. airways. >> you don't single people out. >> reporter: deshon marmon, a 20-year-old college football player, was arrested last week after boarding a u.s. airways flight from sfo to new mexico
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wearing saggy pants that exposed his underwear. a flight attendant asked him to pull them up. and when he refused, the pilot told him to get off the plane. in this cell phone video you can hear marmon's response. >> nothing to nobody. i paid my ticket i paid my fee. the lady i came with -- [ indiscernible ] >> listen to me. >> i addressed the problem with the lady. i told her when i sit down everything is going to be taken care of. i'm sitting down and everything is taken care of. i'm okay. >> reporter: after all of the other passengers on the plane had to exit, marmon finally did, too. the police say he scuffled with them as they tried to put on handcuffs and he was arrested on several charges including battery and resisting arrest. >> charges that they have brought upon deshon. they're bogus. and they are trying to find a way to do whatever it is they need to do to clean up the mess they have made. >> reporter: it gets messier after news that this guy, a 65 phoenix man who says he wears women bathing suits on planes frequently, is allowed to fly
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u.s. airways. u.s. airways says it has no formal dress code and that as long as no part of a passenger's anatomy is showing, they are allowed t fly. the police say it's what he did after he was told to leave, not before. now the naacp is calling on u.s. airways implement a sensitivity training program. u.s. airways has no comment. anne makovec cbs 5. in other headlines, more than 200 people are without power in san francisco after a car hit a power pole shortly before noon. about 6700 people lost electricity. but pg&e crews have been able to restore most of that power. affected areas include nob hill, telegraph hill, russian hill and pier 39. three men survived after their plane crashed near the
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palo alto airport last night. the single-engine cessna lost power while approaching the airport's runway and crashed into a marsh. the men were traveling from concord. officials say the plane hit nose first and then flipped over. one man is hospitalized with a back injury. the ntsb is investigating. a violent takeover robbery at a santa clara pizza restaurant and it's all caught on tape. we'll show you the dramatic images and tell you about the three men that police have now arrested. if you think a chubby baby is healthy, think again! the new push to help toddlers burn off the baby fat. made me uncomfortable, very self-conscious and frustrating for someone who runs and is otherwise really healthy. >> thinking about liposuction but don't want to gunned the knife? the new -- don't want to go under the knife? the new device that promises to melt away your fat. ,,,,,,,,
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tonight three men are behind bars after police say they stor
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a dramatic dangerous armed robbery caught on tape. tonight, three men are behind bars after police say they stormed a pizza restaurant in santa clara and tied up the people working there. mark sayre has the exclusive surveillance video you're only going to see here on cbs 5. hi, mark. >> reporter: elizabeth, santa clara police say it is very lucky that nobody was killed in this violent takeover robbery. the crime began just after closing at a pizza restaurant in santa clara. two masked men came in through a back door armed with handguns and began ordering employees to the door. one by one the employees were tied up with silver duct tape. it was all caught on this dramatic and crystal clear security video system which had just recently been installed. >> everything went down. we start thinking and hearing about trouble all over around you know. so we had to upgrade it. >> reporter: as the crime progressed, one of the two men went to the cash register and appeared to clean it out shoving the money into his
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pocket. then a few minutes later, one of the men orders an employee at gunpoint to open a second cash drawer and it too is cleaned out. the man then appears to rip out phone cables and tie up the employee on the floor. santa clara police say everybody is very fortunate the violence did not escalate. >> this situation had an extreme potential for violence. anytime that somebody shows no regard to life, walking into the store and pointing guns, so quickly at innocent victims, we are just all fortunate nobody got hurt. >> reporter: just minutes after a call was placed to 911, santa clara police arrived in force armed with rifles and a police dog. police then went through the business room by room, but the men with the guns had already fled out the back door. there were five employees on duty. one was pistol-whipped but not seriously injured. the manager says he is very proud of his employees. >> stayed calm and cooperated, nobody got -- only one person
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got hurt. so the other four are all okay. >> reporter: the three men arrested are all from san jose identified as 26-year-old gilbert foster, 25-year-old keith, and 20-year-old sean nevelss, all charged with robbery. >> this gave us a clear concise picture of what's happened. he gave a good description to the suspect that led to the arrest of these suspects. >> reporter: two of the suspects were arrested right as they exited the back door. police were there waiting for them. but one of them did make a run for it. he went into some neighbor's yards and it took a police dog, elizabeth to finally track him and bring him down. he actually was injured by the police dog. all three of the men appeared in superior court here in santa clara county today. a very close call, police say, a very fortunate outcome considering the level of violence of this takeover robbery. >> what a brave store owner to release all that information to be that helpful with police. >> reporter: it was critical to prosecuting the case, too. the expert witnesses and also
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that crystal clear video, the system just recently installed. >> thank you, mark. get ready for a busy weekend in san francisco. the critical mass bike ride is just getting under way. the giants are at home. and the 41st annual gay pride weekend is kicking off tonight! new security measures will be in place to prevent incidents like the fatal shooting that took place last year. tonight the transgender rally and march takes place. there are also concerts, parties and exhibits. and the parade is sunday. chaz bono child of sonny and cher, will be the grand marshal. today also marks national hiv testing day. there are roughly two new infections in san francisco every day. state senator mark leno and san francisco supervisor scott weiner were rapid tested in the castro valley this morning. free hiv testing will be offered at pride events this
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weekend. a possible breakthrough for gay rights in new york. there will be a vote for same- sex marriage. hundreds in favor of same-sex marriage have been demonstrating outside the new york state capital building this week. new york becomes the sixth and the largest state where gay couples can get married. a vote is expected later on tonight after several hours of debate. if it passes, gay weddings could begin in 30 days. it's not your average yoga class. why these little toddlers are trying to lose the baby fat at such an early age. good evening from the cbs 5 weather center. plan outdoor activities for this weekend. it will be stellar. but the day the rain and the cooler temperatures return, the seven-day forecast, as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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well not according to a new study. christin ayers on guidelines are being baby fat. we all grow out of it, right? not according to a new study. christin ayers on how new guidelines are being called upon to help parents and caregivers know just how much exercise and food a child needs on a daily basis. christin? >> reporter: elizabeth, a new study out today says that doctors and parents should watch a child's weight even in infancy challenging the conventional wisdom that a fat
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baby is a healthy baby. she calls herself bendy beth. >> way to go, sadie. >> reporter: each though she is teaching a basic yoga stable, sun salutation, this is not a basic yoga class. >> a lot of people don't think about yoga for children. >> reporter: she travels to schools and daycares teaching toddlers as young as two how to downward dog. >> i like it because it's fun. i like yoga because. >> i think it has a huge impact when you start exercising early. >> reporter: a new study from the institute of medicine backs her up. it says one in five toddlers ages 2 to 5 are overweight. at children's hospital it's a phenomenon that registered dietician gail knows all too well. >> we are seeing obesity in younger and younger children. terrible on occasion, in our
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hospital and clinics, we'll see overweight 2 and 3-year-olds who are not just chubby but really overweight. >> reporter: bad eating habits and lack of exercise could follow them into adulthood and the institute of medicine reports that occasional park play dates may not be enough. the report urges 15 minutes of vigorous activity for every hour a child is in daycare. it asks parents to limit a young child's tv time and calls on the government to create dietary guidelines for children 0 to 2. >> in terms of developing good eating habits and good movement habits, i think it's critical in that first five years. >> reporter: steps that could be lifesavers down the road. and interestingly, the report urges daycares not to punish children by restricting them from physical activity. healthcare professionals stress that it is okay for a child to have a little baby fat but, elizabeth, they say there is a difference between a chubby
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child and obese. >> it was the old, you know, knowledge that we all thought if a baby has a little extra meat on their bones it was healthier. but it's never too early to start adopting those healthy habits. >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you. a very busy weekend this weekend, roberta. what does the weather look like? >> i think it's always busy here in the bay area especially when it's the first full weekend of summer. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera from dublin. inspiration way looking out towards mount diablo. can you see a breeze with the trees? that's because the winds are whipping up out of the west at 20 miles an hour. we head to the seashore where winds are currently at 20 knots so a small craft advisory is in place. some of the readings in the area, 57 degrees at the immediate seashore in pacifica. 62 san francisco. low 80s interior sections of the bay area. low 80s santa rose.
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mid-70s to the south. out and about on this friday night, we do have the stratus moving close to the coast. marine layer will push onshore. still sunny and breezy bayside and inland. these are your headlines for the weekend and looking ahead, turning sunny tomorrow after the low clouds lift. sunday will be the warmest day of the two coming up. and then by tuesday, i'm sticking with that we have that chance of rain moving back into the bay area definitely cooler temperatures by tuesday into our wednesday. but meanwhile let's backtrack so you can see the thick layer of low clouds and fog hover across the entire bay area. tomorrow morning we'll all wake up gray and in fact, this marine layer will be so deep perhaps about 2,000 feet deep, we'll see some condensation in the form of drizzle at the immediate seashore. also, we'll see the clouds playing tag with pacifica and half moon bay, moss and montera beaches. so a little sun there and definitely some light jacket weather. area of low pressure continues to hang to the north of us and back there is where we have that area of low pressure
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developing for tuesday. meanwhile the temperatures will hold steady through saturday and then bump up on sunday. tonight overnight with overcast skies and the patchy fog developing after midnight, lows into the 50s and the 40s. winds will blow out of the southwest about 5 to 10. they will begin to dial back. tomorrow for your saturday, 63 pacifica to 81 degrees in the warmest spots of our inland areas. sea breeze to 20. this sunday it is the san francisco pride parade in the low and mid-60s with the clouds peeling back to the coast. in fact, this entire weekend, it will be the championship race on sunday. this is at infineon raceway in sonoma at 78 degrees and all weekend, we have temperatures into the 80s at the alameda county fair so a big weekend a big full summer weekend here in the bay area. monday we'll hold the weather pattern and then we begin to cloud back up on tuesday.
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first pitch at the as game. it will be fun. >> that will be nice for the people. cool off for a second or too. >> definitely. throw open the windows. when you're trying to lose a few pounds to hit beach how about a medical procedure that promises to melt away the senate dr. kim reports. >> reporter: jessica has always been in great shape but after giving birth to twins, she couldn't get rid of her tummy. >> made me uncomfortable, self- conscious and very frustrating for someone who runs and is otherwise really healthy and health conscious. >> reporter: so in october she decided to go for a new procedure called slim lipo. doctors say this laser can melt away fat. >> the process for tightening the skin. >> reporter: the laser uses dual wavelength energy to break down fat cells and suctions out the fat. it's minimally invasive so
5:22 pm
patients are awake. the recovery is less painful. results can be better than regular liposuction. >> we are able to stand the patient up and turn them and that helps us to get the result we want. >> reporter: jessica saw immediate results. >> actually got:a few times during the procedure and could see already when i looked down that so much of that was gone. >> reporter: but getting that result isn't cheap. it can cost up to $6,000 for one treatment. it can also burn the skin, cause bruising and it's not for very overweight people. >> large volume of fat it would be very difficult to heat up. >> reporter: for jessica, it was the best option. >> i like it for the summertime. >> reporter: she says it gave her back the body she had before her babies. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. a sharp rebuke for president obama today. >> the president should have come down here and made his case! >> the mixed messages lawmakers in washington are sending on the military mission in libya. ,
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played the squinty, rumpled police detective "colu one thing that i'm not clear about. but that can wait. >> the man who played the squinty rumpled police detective columbo has died. peter falk died yesterday at his beverly hills home. he won four emmys for columbo. he also appeared in a number of films over his 30-year career an was a two-time oscar nominee. he suffered from alzheimer's disease. he was 83 years old. the president suffered a big defeat on capitol hill today. the house of representatives overwhelmingly rejected the bill that would give mr. obama the authority to continue u.s. military action in libya. the vote was largely symbolic and won't have an immediate effect on american operations in the war-torn country. but it does create an embarrassment for the white house, which couldn't build support from either republicans or democrats. >> the president should have come down here and made his case! he should have said what our goals are. >> i believe it is a good thing to get rid of qaddafi. but does america have to do
5:26 pm
everything? ! >> the house did reject a second republican led bill which would have cut off money for military action in libya. the president insists he does not need congressional approval since the situation in libya is not a full-scale conflict. and there is new evidence tonight that could link osama bin laden to the pakistani government. the "new york times" reports the information centers around a cell phone recorded from the terror leader's compound. the phone belonged to bin laden's trusted courier. the times say the phone contained contacts to a militant group that's been linked to the pakistani intelligence agency. gold and diamonds really can be found on one street in new york. we'll meet a man who is prospecting there tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,
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news at 6. "she's part of me...her in my life." the dog helped her recover from a terrible car accident. and now, the dog need her help - and yours. where the pooch was last spotted. i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. a dog helped her recover from an accident and now they need your help. where the pooch was last spotted. >> buyer beware. why the used car market is about to get flooded with automobiles you do not want to buy. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> sounds good. look forward to that. thanks, dana. thanks for watching the cbs evening news with scott ll


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